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SOLUTION and STRENGTH regarding materials and their TRANSPORT
U.M. can be contacted at the phone number: +442033182166, and at the email info  @  u-metals.  Com
also you can visit the domain www. Utility  -metals. co. uk
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ACCURACY is needed on the circular shape in aisi, ams, astm, en, AW, STANDARDS

About Utility Metals

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What is Utility Metals - Brief information

UTILITY METALS is a company with a dual role serving:


a. as a sourcing tool to companies with or without a dedicated purchasing department.

Small business owners without employees active in purchasing, outsource U.M. for the metal and plastic buying needs.


Larger businesses with purchasing departments, cooperate with U.M. to enhance and strengthen their buying force


b. as a trading company, that is purchasing materials from suppliers and reselling them to the end users. This is mostly for small orders of value around or less 1000 Euro.


The company is registered in Bedfordshire, UK ( European Union ) and is operated through an office in Athens, Greece ( European Union ).

Active in the field of metals and plastics since early 2004.




    * Cost Reduction. Competitive prices satisfying both customers and suppliers

    * Cost Reduction. Research for you, many times before you make it. We all make market research in the internet, that takes a lot of time and is translated to cost. For too many cases U.M. has done this already for you or is in position to shorten the research time for you

   * Cost Reduction. Dedicated purchasing department at the times you never thought it was possible. Are you too busy with your work or is it too costly to employ a person dealing with international purchases ? Now you can afford it at a fraction of the cost you had in your mind.

   * Cost Reduction. Assistance to existing purchasing departments. You work in the purchasing department around the clock, but there is a never enough time and never assistance when you need it. Working hours are translated to cost. Even purchasing of single items U.M. cooperates with you, reducing your workload.

    * Building of long term relationships. It acts as a bridge between you the customer and the supplier for long term multiple financial benefits.

    * Availability of supply. It may happen, suppliers not to have stock, delivery time to be long, some items to be highly priced, grouping different materials in the same order not to be possible. Market demands and your personal market goals can't wait and U.M. will source the materials you need.

   * Understanding. The company that feels like you. Would you prefer buying from people that have dealt with production matters in the past ? that understand how important materials are to the final product you try to sell ?  that have discussed in depth with production and designing departments ? that have cooperated with quality managers ? that have planned with finance, marketing and product development managers about cost reduction, availability, diversity, innovation and how all these can have an impact to the company's growth ? that understand that your order no matter small or big,  has worth value of a fortune and order values are not just numbers,

    * Flexibility. Aren't you tired of hearing just about how big everybody else is but your big problems look just too small to them ? Aren't they flexible enough to try to solve them?

    * Diversity and innovation. Would you like to explore possibilities with products that you never knew they existed, some of them no body ever bothered to suggest them to you ? Some of these metals and plastics may reduce your manufacturing cost, may assist you launch new products in your market, or may assist you differentiate from your competitors.

    * e-business, connecting your traditional ways of purchasing with tomorrow's trends and technology. Some of the most advanced companies in the world today use advanced web tools that maximize efficiency ? Do you want to use the same tools ?

    * Consultancy and advice. Nobody on earth is gonna tell you how to run your business and if you do things right or wrong. But if you ever want to discuss with Utility Metals about your problems in the supply chain and how you could possibly solve them, U.M. is there for you to provide a range of services.

    * Common language, common objectives. growth, efficiency, metals, alloys, plastics, LME, price, fluctuation, supply, chain, manufacturing, inventory, certification, and so much more. U.M. speaks the same language with you about your business and is a company you can communicate with.

   * Listens to you. You are not another order, you are a human with a problem to solve, with a job to do and U.M. takes that into consideration.

    * Dynamic. U.M. will not stop sharing knowledge with you and will always assist you to keep pace with market changes and plan for the future. U.M.

   * Meeting the requirements for the job. You are not acting on your own in this company, departments interact and depend each other and you want to have done your job right. No matter to which department you belong, U.M. will assist you having in mind that you cooperate and that you must satisfy the requirements of each department at any given time.

    * Compliance. You are using dual use products and you want to be sure whether you are in line with international regulations.

   * You are not alone. We are together in this. U.M. supports you and shares your passion for growth, improvement and achieving sustainable results.


Is U.M. interested in the supplier earning very high profit margins ?

U.M. is not interested in deals where suppliers seek to find customers in a weak position and earn high profit margins.

truly this is very commercial and widely accepted in the industry, but customers do not gain and this may have effect in the overall consumption by the end users, that in return reduces sales by the suppliers.

By all means, both suppliers and customers should earn higher profits but not the one party at the expense of the order.

Is U.M. interested in the customer forcing suppliers to sell at low profit margins ?

Again here, by all means, both suppliers and customers should earn higher profits but not the one party at the expense of the other.


Customers must not forget that also suppliers are businesses and they have to maintain large stocks  thus withholding large cash and they pay very high taxes for inventory, therefore, suppliers have to pass this cost in their selling price. That is the reason the metal companies in the last 10-20 years pay so much emphasis in the sustainable business development.


For me to import, I want 30 % lower price than the price that my local traditional supplier  has

Many customers believe that metal companies make extraordinary profits by having extraordinary profit margins. This is definitely not the case.

Customers are encouraged to look at the qualitative benefits of import rather than seeking to enjoy prices that are not realistic.


You are trying to sell at low prices, are you a market disruptor ?

Are you buying from large retailers selling cheap furnitures?

are you buying air-travel tickets, weeks in advance to get a better fare ?

are you using low cost taxi service ?

are you taking advantage of special offers ?

so there is nothing wrong for U.M. trying to sell at competitive prices


So U.M. is our partner in metals, right ? eh, wrong ?

U.M. will rephrase previous comments on this to clarify.

U.M. has visited hundreds of web sites of stockholders and mills in metals. Do you know what the majority of these websites have in common ?

They state they sell metals and they state : WE ARE YOUR PARTNER., we are your reliable partner, we are your trusted partner, we are your perfect partner, we are your dream partner, partner this, partner that, partner the other etc. etc.

U.M. does not believe all these suppliers lie. In fact will consider all suppliers are worthy ones

We must clarify.

If you as a customer mean partner in the sense of co-ownership , then no, if you the customer wanted a co-owner you would have asked it already from U.M. and U.M. would reply no, because it is not interested in getting involved with the manufacturing business.


if you as a supplier or as a customer mean partner, just for the sake of saying it, or just for advertising reasons to add words on the website, then again no.


The word partner and partnership are very serious ones. They mean personal effort and interest, devotion, commitment, common goals for growth and progress, understanding the problems and the pain this business has as well as its benefits and joy. In that sense, yes, U.M. is a partner for you and a tool in purchasing that heps you get results.


But I can do that on my own.

Of course you can !  and no doubt you can do it right.
You can also be an accountant, an IT specialist, a marketing manager, logistics manager, warehouse manager, market analyst, etc..
Of course you can be all that and you know how you allocate your time and effort.
Devote your time to your priorities and let purchasing to U.M.

I buy from my local supplier too many years, why should I change him ?

Nobody is asking you to change your traditional supplier. Based on the services that that U.M. offers, its prices and its arguments, you are asked to add an additional supplier to your supplier's base, U.M. trusts you will also appreciate its services and products.

How can I pay ?

You can pay by any internationally accepted method of payment such as B/T ( bank transfer ), L/C ( letter of credit ), B/G ( bank guarantee ) etc.


The way of payment is discussed before the order is placed. Payment by credit cards or Bitcoins is not possible. Bank transfer through internet banking costs too little ( usually less than 5 Euro per transaction ), that depends per country, bank etc.


We are speaking for import from E.U. what about VAT ?

Yes. In Greece and other European Union countries, when a company imports from E.U., DOES NOT PAY VAT at the date of import. This is paid by the customer at a later stage depending if you are a manufacturing or a trading company. Your accountant will inform you on when you have to pay it.

Are you arranging for the insurance of transport of the goods ?

Yes, whenever it acts as a seller, however U.M. strongly advises you that when you arrange for the transport to always insure the transport of the goods. The insurance used by transport companies is many times not enough. Try to insure the goods for 110 % of the invoice value against all risks. Usually that costs around 30 Euro per shipment. U.M. considers it a must.

Who invoices me ?

The mill or the warehouse in the E.U. or UTILITY METALS from the UK ( EU also )

How fast can I have the goods of my order to my warehouse ?

Goods in stock, from receipt of payment, are usually ready for shipment within 1-2 working days.


Trucks leave from West Europe to South and East Europe usually every Friday. Trucks arrive at destination country approximately on Tuesday - Wednesday


Shipments from North - West Europe by sea vessel to the Middle East may take 3-4 calendar weeks or more.

Products & forms of products sold

U.M. specializes on STAINLESS STEEL in grades: 304, 304L, 310, 310S, 314, 316, 316L, 316Ti, 321, 420, 430, 430F, 630 ( 17 – 4 – PH ), 3CR12* (1.4003), 1.4304, 1.4404, 1.4509 and other grades,

and it specializes in ALUMINIUM in the alloys:


1050, 2024, 2618, 5005, 5052, 5083, 5251, 5754, 6061, 6082, 7075 in various tempers. U.M. is also active in other metals such as copper, brass, nickel and nickel alloys, titanium, galvanized steel, aluzinc, mild carbon steel, special alloys and engineering plastics.


The forms that are of interest by the U.M. are: Coils, sheets, plates, pieces cut from plates, strips, flat bars, square bars, round bars, hexagon solid bars, profiles such as T or U, pipes welded and seamless, hollow bars, square and rectangular tubes, fittings and flanges and other.




Quality of Products

Just PRIME. Many times you ask U.M. what is the difference between prime quality and second quality. It is simple, when a product is produced at a mill, it is produced with certain product requirements and standards. For example the final product has to meet standard's technical and mechanical properties, chemical substance has to be uniform, flatness has to be at certain levels, thickness has to be uniform and there are lots of other requirements. If for some reason the product does not meet the requirements it is named second at production stage. It may look perfect many times but it ain't. If quality department said is not perfect, it ain't.


BUT price of prime CAN'T be at price of second.


Second quality products have lower price than the prime, don't enjoy certificates and are not subject to claims. UTILITY METALS does nοt propose the second quality to customers who have requirements.


There are customers out there that do not have requirements as far as quality is concerned. There are few and specific warehouses in the EU that buy the 2nd quality from the mills and they resell it. If you want that U.M. brings you in contact with these 2nd quality resellers, it can do that. Price is many times 30 % cheaper in relation to the first quality. But don't be fulled by the price difference, the 2nd quality resellers sell the products as is, no claims possible, you do not know if the quality is simply 2nd or lower and of course you do not enjoy certificates for these products.




Customers of U.M. are:

    * Steel stockholders,

    * Steel service centers

    * Machine shops for various applications.

    * Machine shops for defense, civil and military aerospace. U.M. pays a lot of emphasis on this sector.

    * Metal Construction companies,

    * HO.RE.CA. machines manufacturers,


    * Food products manufacturing companies,

    * Ventilation systems manufacturing companies,

    * Automotive companies

    * Pipe networks contractors/subcontractors,

    * Companies in robotics, Technical companies,

    * Companies in Electronics, Shipyards, Architects and other.

U.M. focuses on smaller quantities served by E.U. stockholders.


Does U.M. have a warehouse and stock in Greece?

No, but it has cooperated with more than 20 companies in the E.U. that have a network of tens of warehouses spread all over Europe. These warehouses stock hundreds of thousands of tons in various metals and forms. THESE ARE METAL SUPERMARKETS, MULTI METAL STOCKHOLDERS. Chances are that what you seek exist in one of these warehouses in E.U., ready for shipment.

Is there a minimum quantity that we can order ?

No, but small quantities bear high import - transport expenses. Air-shipments are possible.

Countries addressed

Countries covered are:

various countries to where U.M. wishes to sell:
These, but non limited to, include:
Algeria, Andorra, Antigua and Barbuda, Argentina, Aruba, Australia, Bahrain, Belize, Benin, Bhutan, Bolivia, Botswana, Brazil, Bulgaria, Burkina Faso, Cambodia, Cameroon, Cabo Verde, Canada, Chad, Chile, Comoros, Costa Rica, Croatia, Curacao, Cyprus, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Ethiopia, France, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Japan, Jordan, Kuwait, Laos, Luxembourg, Malta, Namibia, Nauru, New Zealand, Qatar, Oman, Peru, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Senegal, Sint Maarten, Slovakia, Slovenia, Solomon Islands, South Africa, Spain, Switzerland, U.A.E., Uruguay, U.S.A, Zambia,

For every inquiry you send us, please inform us of the country / origin of your company and the final destination of the goods, so as for U.M. to check, possibility of providing a quote.

If you are from any of the following countries UTILITY has not current or future plans to invoice there.

countries that U.M. does not address:

Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, U.K.
( including isle of Man, Channel Islands, Northern Ireland ),



Afghanistan, Albania, Angola, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bangladesh, Barbados, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Burma, Burundi, Central African Republic, China, Colombia, Congo, Cuba, Democratic Republic, Cote D' Ivoire, Egypt, Eritrea, Estonia, Fiji, F.Y.R.O.M., Georgia, Guinea Bissau, Guinea Republic of, Haiti, India, Israel, Iran, Iraq, Kazakhstan, Kirghistan, territory of Kosovo, Mali, Mexico, Moldova, Latvia, Lebanon, Liberia, Libya, Lithuania, Nigeria, North Korea, Panama, Pakistan, territory of Palestine, Russian Federation, Rwanda, Saudi Arabia, Seychelles, Serbia, Sierra Leone, Somalia, South Korea, Sri Lanka Sudan North, Sudan South, Syria, Tajikistan, Taiwan, Tunisia, Turkey, Turkmenistan, Uganda, Ukraine ( including Crimea ), Uzbekistan, Vanuatu, Venezuela, Vietnam, Yemen, Zimbabwe


additionally any sanctioned country or sanctioned entities from U.N., U.S., U.K., E.U. in general any country of concern for sanctions.




If you are a customer from any other country, please contact so as for U.M. to check possibility to quote.


If you are a supplier from any country ( except sanctioned countries ) please feel free as well to contact U.M., however because of transport and time, UTILITY pays emphasis in suppliers ( mainly stockholders from West Europe ) serving smaller quantities.


I am from another country not mentioned above. Can you please quote ?

As from start of 2016, if you are not from the above mentioned countries to where U.M. addresses it is not possible to send your inquiry  to a collaborator ( stockholder or mill in the E.U. ) of U.M. that cooperates, as this would not meet regulations of the E.U., please read more at
U.M. could possibly accept inquiries coming from some E.U. countries ( ie UK, Germany, France, Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, Austria etc., for delivery to  the destinations mentioned above ).
Not all inquiries may be answered.

How does this work ?

U.M. discusses in depth with you, what were your problems, what you need now, what are your future goals. U.M. takes a personalized approach and listens to your requirements . It focuses on finding the optimum solution for you. It is a process that takes time and never stops. Every customer has different needs.

Don't expect to solve problems that you had for years to be solved in a day but with dedicated and continuous efforts, U.M. helps you achieve results.

U.M. will study your requirements for price, quality, certificates, delivery time, packing, marking, transport, insurance of transport, inventory, alternative solutions in materials, market trends, grouping products n a single shipment and other variables that may relate and maybe important to your purchase.


Even when U.M. solves your problems, U.M. continues to seek ways to even improve your supply situation. Some of U.M. customers have not hidden their enthusiasm for problems solved much faster than they hoped.



Great ! I will have now with U.M. as many suppliers as I want !

It is the right of every customer to have as many suppliers as he wants but this is not what U.M. does, to bring you as many suppliers as possible. U.M. tries to build very strong and long relationship between the customer and few suppliers but at the same time it tries to ensure for the customer availability of materials, competitive prices, satisfaction of his requirements and solution to his problems.





Great I can send to U.M. as many inquiries as I want.

You are free to send as many inquiries as you want but U.M. is not a machine that produces quotes.

However, please note that if the company sees that by providing an offer specific to the items of your requests, the quote may not be competitive, the company may wish not to quote as it would not make any sense.

This happens internationally in this business. Too many factors influence the success of a quote, a quote may take hours to be created and may involve several persons working on this.

If for any reason you may just wish a quote just for your file without giving U.M. a chance to equally compete, please respect the time of U.M. as you want your time to be respected.


Is U.M. customer or supplier oriented  ?

U.M. is interested all parties to profit yet it believes that this can not take place unless manufacturers increase their production and sales, therefore they need to buy at competitive prices and on the the other hand, manufacturers can not expect suppliers to sell at a loss.

Is this outsourcing, purchasing services, something new ? Is it only for the companies dealing with metals ?

No ! not at all ! in the last decade more and more companies, some world famous names, in all industry sectors start using outsourcing services for their purchasing needs. Such sectors are oil and gas, pharmaceuticals, beverages, banking, defense etc.

Is U.M. independent ?

U.M. will never tell you is independent and at the same to be part of a large multinational. U.M. is truly independent and loves to cooperate with both multinationals or small stockholders.

I am from Middle East, what about the Arab boycott ?

Primary boycott: self explanatory, UTILITY METALS is Greek / UK / Christian


Secondary and third boycott: UTILITY METALS does not fall within these two categories directly or indirectly.

But please do not get U.M. into politics, U.M. is operated from Greece, just on the metal trading business with an accumulated history of trade with 29 countries.


I am from Middle East, what about documentation ?

All required documents (Euro 1, Certs of Origin, Material Certificates, Commercial Invoices, B/L, C.I., P.L., for your import, will be created / stamped from Arab Chambers of Commerce). The owner of UTILITY has experience with export to most Middle Eastern countries (As well as to the Balkan countries )

Suppliers that U.M. cooperates

U.M. cooperates with specific suppliers that AIM HIGH !


Suppliers that U.M. cooperates are international TOP CLASS mills/stockholders/steel service centers.


In the cooperation the following are important: Professionalism & Integrity Commercial Spirit and Vision, Best Product QUALITY, Competitive Prices, Speed & Punctuality


U.M. cooperate with sources from the









Sources of U.M. are capable of having :


- Large variety and diversity of products


- Original and detailed certificates of quality and conformity


- Very strong network with mills around the world


- State of the art cutting machinery


- Fast Delivery


- Products meeting the strict international specifications


- Short and long-term supply contracts


- Possibility in delivering to the customer's warehouse.


Delivery time, how long ?

Greece and Balkans by means of truck transportation, about 5 -10 working days. usually trucks depart from loading destination, every Friday. Middle East if by means of sea transportation, maybe 10 working days or more.

Airfreight, depends on flight schedules, but usually 2-4 working days.

Courier, from 1 working day till about working 10 days, depends on the courier company and the available pricing plans


* for controlled materials where special export licenses are needed, the delivery time can take approximate one month longer than usual till the license issued.




Our project is confidential !

U.M. is not interested in your secrets. As long as your orders comply with international regulations and if these products must be licensed and enjoy a license by the export control organisations, have as many secrets as you want.

U.M. is not interested in getting to know better politicians, government officials of any type, or tycoons. U.M. does not sell electronics, high technology machinery or weaponry. Just industrial metals and industrial plastics. On the contrary U.M. is very interested to get to know better and exchange and share ideas with the average business person having his own company, purchasing manager of corporations, exports manager of suppliers in metal business.

They make a daily struggle, within the supply chain of metals and U.M. wants to solve their problems.


How am I informed about the status of my order ?

Every import from the stage of quote inquiry till the stage of delivery of goods to your warehouse involves at least 30 steps. Each step is closely monitored by UTILITY. You are informed through webpage or through pdf forms with order development form and attached files.

Why UTILITY does not stick to a single metal i.e stainless or aluminium ?

This is the market trend internationally. Greece does not follow the pattern of other EU countries where multi metal stockholders exist. On the contrary, in Greece, few stockholders deal with aluminium, another few with stainless, another few with carbon steel. UTILITY covers a need in the market for demand for cooperation with multi metal metal stockholders.

You are very cheap in some items, my traditional supplier / warehouse does not treat me well ?

It is natural to focus on what is cheap and impress us. The reality however is different. U.M. brings materials from warehouses as well and too many factors influence a price and these may differ from supplier to supplier. How big is the warehouse, how many thousands of tons it keeps in stock, what kind of agreement does it have with the mills, at what exchange rate they bought the materials, what economies of scale they use, the number of variables involved is even larger.

So there is nothing wrong with your traditional supplier, or there is nothing wrong if U.M. is cheaper in some items and in some items its is more expensive. Even if it is expensive in an item, U.M. has no guilt, it can just happen.


Do you participate in public tenders ?

U.M. has participated with Greek public tenders and has won tenders many times. It is not excluded to participate in the future for Greek public tender or for public tenders in another country yet it is not a priority and within the sales objectives of U.M.

I am a non business individual. Can't you serve me ?

U.M. has received more than 300 inquiries from non business individuals, has quoted to at least 70 occasions. But UTILITY has not warehouse in Greece, small quantities that usually are asked by individuals, bear high transport and packing expenses, many times exceeding the 100-150 Euro.

Therefore, for small quantities, asked by an individual, must be addressed locally to warehouses, or to local machine shops, able to serve such small inquiries. A web search would guide you where to search locally.

Even if you need larger quantities, or if you plan to become a future professional, it is best that we discuss with one of your friend's company or somebody you know and has a company.

Such a company must be relevant with the materials of your inquiry, must be registered in a companies registry, the trade transaction to be on proper file for tax purposes etc.

In no way can we discuss with private individuals for sensitive materials headed for defense purposes. For such items there must be a clarity from where they start to where they head to, it is self explanatory. For some materials that are also used in defense but also in commercial applications ie 6061 used in military aircrafts and in bicycles, only general discussion can be made for example to advise the individual to seek the material in machine shops dealing with this item and are licensed by Export Control organizations for possession and trade these items. For more information about this, please see the web page, export licence.

Non business individuals are most kindly requested not to contact U.M. as this paragraph explains clearly why the company can't serve them.


I have gmail, hotmail, aol, yahoo, gmx and similar generic e-mail address, can you quote there ?

UTILITY has received inquiries from more than 1700 companies. It is logical to wish to know with who it speaks to. It is known globally, that e-mail addresses type hotmail, gmail or similar type e-mail addresses, can be easily compromised or messages are sent from such e-mail addresses that originate from non business individuals that UTILITY can't handle inquiries from them.


Therefore, for these reasons, UTILITY wishes to answer to e-mail addresses with a company's domain name or it can accept e-mail addresses originating from your local phone provider such as OTE, FORTHNET, HOL, WIND, VODAFONE or similar company and the message will state company's fax and other general information regarding this company. Any answer would be given to the company's fax. At any case we can always send you our quote to a company's fax or post the quote to a special web page.

Don't find that strange, internationally more and more companies do not longer accept, easy to create e-mail addresses that can be created easily and anonymously.


I do not know exactly what I want, I just want plastic or aluminium, no other details to give you.

t has happened tens of times, you buy a material and maybe of excellent quality but on the invoice by your supplier there are no details, for example it states only stainless or only copper.

U.M. can't provide a price for the equivalent material that you buy because U.M. does not know what you do actually buy. There are many different subcategories in every metal, and the price between them differ a lot.

So if you inquire without some basic details, U.M. is not able to help.


Do you offer technical advise, will you tell me which material is suitable for my needs ?

No, no engineers here. Please visit but U.M. can't endorse the accuracy of the details provided there. U.M. can give you technical information that it may find in the internet or tell you about personal experiences that U.M. had, i.e: other alternative materials used by other customers but at any case you are the sole responsible person to decide if a certain material is suitable for the application you envisage for it.

I have never imported materials from another country.

If you have never imported, it is very probable that you will not import now also. This is what experience has shown to U.M.. If import is something new and unknown to you, it is understood that there might be reservations.

If you really want to start importing, to get an idea of how it is done, what are the benefits, U.M. strongly suggests you start it with a small order.

If you believe that you are experimenting just don't import, yet note that the number of importers in the E.U. increases and this happens for a reason.


How do you conduct your international business ?

U.M. conducts its international business according to the rules of the I.C.C ( International Chamber of Commerce in Paris, France ) and the U.K. laws. For matters of export compliance may additionally follow rules of U.S., U.N. and E.U. rules.

I want to buy materials and re-export them to another country.

You must inform U.M. at the stage of inquiry where the goods are heading. For several destinations U.M. may not be able to quote or export as this is according to agreements with its suppliers or different regulations may exist in different countries where the suppliers are, or U.M. may not export due to UN/EU/UK sanctions. If you plan to resell the goods to another party and / or to re-export the goods at another country without informing U.M. so U.M. can inform relatively the export control organisation, you are clearly violating UK's and international laws

I want to buy metallic sheets of thin thickness i.e: 0.2 or 0.4 mm.

Some suppliers deny to ship long distance very thin metallic sheets because they fear the materials will get damaged. So in this case we may not be able to assist.

In caller id, I see anonymous id or symbols or various numbers, why ?

UTILITY uses Skype and international Voip phone numbers. ID with various numbers, symbols, or anonymous sign may be a result by international switch boards.

Is UTILITY an offshore in a tax heaven ?

UTILITY METALS is registered in the UK in London. It is officially registered in the UK companies house. It is not registered in the Bahamas or in Seychelles. The tax is 20 % up to you to judge if this a Paradise or how great this Paradise is. The company is governed by the UK laws and UK accounting system and by the bilateral treaty between Greece - UK for the double taxation.

UTILITY METALS was in Greece, why moved registration in the UK ?

Thousands of Greek businesses moved registration to the U.K., Germany and Netherlands. Business conditions in the U.K. are more favorable.

Additionally it is known that in Greece for 5 ( five ) Euro annual profit, the minimum annual taxes and contributions are 5000 Euro. It is easy understood why Greek companies moved abroad.

Is UTILITY an offshore in a tax heaven ?

Thousands of Greek businesses moved registration to the U.K., Germany and Netherlands. Business conditions in the U.K. are more favorable.

What happens if there is any problem with my delivered products?

Most customers ask this and they do very well for asking. The warehouses that we cooperate focus on prime quality, that is already they buy the prime quality from the mills excluding the second quality. The warehouses want to win customers not to lose them, i.e. one of them handles approx. 4000 orders per day with a turnover of approx. 2 million Euro per day. Nobody wants the hassle of a problematic delivery, ie damaged material or delivery of wrong size. That is why these companies have strict quality departments, packing and loading departments and are ISO certified. Each company follows its terms of delivery or follows the terms of the country's steel sellers federation ( one of them is the Dutch federation of steel traders - please see here ). UTILITY's terms can be seen here . Regarding transport, you can ask from UTILITY what type of packing you want. More details on packing you can find here. Additionally we strongly encourage you to insure the transport of goods no matter if seller ships or no matter if you arrange for the shipment, ( usually 30 Euro per shipment ), to buy products with marking, to purchase goods on agreement that seller arranges for the shipment, or if you arrange for the shipment then that you choose a trustworthy carrier. Some E.U. warehouses have extremely strict regulations for the shipments, ie trucks to be Euro 4 category only, or truck to have available belts for the tie down or may refuse loading if they see factors that could turn a shipment problematic. Some sellers videotape packing and loading. UTILITY provides to your transport company at least 10 conditions that each seller wants to be met during loading. Companies with experience of importing know all about these factors and they continue importing for years. If you have imported for few times only or if you import for first time and you are extremely concerned that everything will go wrong to your specific shipment, then avoid importing or import at small values only.

Do I need to arrange an appointment with you to meet you ?

Yes, meetings can be arranged by appointment only. Each inquiry may require hours or days of hard work to find optimum solution for the customer. Sudden visits delay this program. With pleasure organized meetings can be arranged at UTILITY's office, in business serviced offices centers, or at your premises in Athens.

Samples, I want to see samples !

UTILITY has perhaps the largest range of samples of metallic sheets in Greece. Tell us what you seek ( ie gold surface in stainless steel ) and your target price. If the price level covers you, then a visit at your premises takes place with several samples so you can choose. Gradually, photos are posted on the web site. Sample collection ( hundreds of them in each collection ) can't be given at each customer. For some samples there might be a charge for 50 Euro or more as special import has to take place for them, especially if you are not located in Athens.

Can you tell me some success stories ?

U.M. wishes to avoid mentioning client names but can inform these are projects for international world famous aircraft manufacturers, military and civilian, projects for shipyards and frigates, helmets, industry robotics, equipment for Olympic Games, cultural monument in Athens, advertising stands for international cosmetic companies, a monastery in Athos peninsula, pipe-works in Southampton refineries and other.

What Utility Metals can do for me in Greece and Cyprus?

What U.M. can do for me in the U.A.E. ?

What U.M. can do for me in Jordan ?

What U.M. can do for me in Kuwait ?

What U.M. can do for me in Qatar ?

What U.M. can do for me in Oman ?

What U.M. can do for me in Bulgaria ?

What U.M. can do for me in Croatia ?

What U.M. can do for me in Romania ?

What U.M. can do for me in Slovenia ?

.png file text is not as expected

It is for the search engines and it is related to the metals and plastics industry. Especially regarding text that is relating to defense, it is because UM is selling metals to defense companies as well, so it is done for SEO purposes as a mean to attract visitors active in the defense industry. In general, the alt text used in this site is related to the metals industry, to all possible industries using metals and plastics and matters regarding export control and its reasoning. Combination of upper and lower cases letters is again for SEO reasons. U.M. apologizes to the impaired people and in the future will try to change the texts in the .png files to be more relevant to the text on the webpages.

what is the relationship of U.M. with the defense industry?

The products sold by U.M. ( metal and plastics ) are for commercial applications.


There are two categories of metals and plastics. The commercial use and the military use.

The products sold by U.M. are NOT specially designed, manufactured or modified for military end use. These are COMMERCIAL USE METALS AND PLASTICS.


There are MILITARY USE metals and plastics, that are specially designed, manufactured or modified and certified for military end use ( example TL plates or MIL Spec Aluminium OR products belonging to the UK military list ). Such products most likely need an export license.


Up to now Utility Metals UK Ltd HAS NEVER SOLD ANY MILITARY USE METALS OR PLASTICS and has never sold any product requiring an exports license.


There are customers active in metal forming ( CNC machine shops, laser cutting companies, metal bending companies, punching etc., such companies may be active with all kinds of industry from architecture to defense  )

and for some parts of larger defense products / systems, for their completion, they need some commercial use metal and plastics. It is the same with products such as water, garments, chemicals, oils, wood, glass, although they can be used inside a larger defense system ( without them the larger system can't function ) they can't be categorized as military products. And the companies that sell these products can not be categorized as selling military material. Utility Metals therefore by selling commercial products that can possibly be used in a military application cannot be categorized as a company selling military products.


Additionally the products sold by U.M. are NOT complete subsystems or systems that are incorporated to larger defense systems. Products sold by U.M. are simple semi finished forms of metals and plastics.


The target markets of Utility Metals are construction, architecture, shipbuilding, metal forming, vehicle industry and other. The defense industry is not a priority for U.M.



A CASTING was made by using AL and AOD grains
The HARDENNED cable was GROUNDED in the generators and for the engineers HEREIN lies their interest
CR, CU and CO-60 substances had an effect on the DIMENTIONAL side of the part
HE HAD TO INSPECT THE IMPACT strength andhow now marks the certificate with " MARKBLATT "

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In oman, a passivation technique will be used on the PA66 plastic and will follow the usual pattern
On the PC components you may find PED, PEHD and PEI plastics
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