Utility Metals

16 years with Metals & Plastics,
16 supplied Forms,
80 supplied Product Categories

Since 2004, more than 16 Supplied Forms,
Coils, Strips cut from Coils, Flat Sheets & Plates including tread/patterned, decorative or perforated,
Pieces Cut from Sheets & Plates,
Rectangular Solid Bars, Square Solid Bars, Round Solid Bars,
Hexagon Solid Bars, Equal & Unequal Angle Bars, Pipes / Tubes, Hollow Bars, Square & Rectangular Tubes,
T & U Profiles, Fittings such as Elbows, Tees & other, Flanges.

More than 80 Product Categories sold in
Ferrous, Non Ferrous Metals & Plastics, in Stainless Steels, Aluminium Alloys, Alloyed & Non-Alloyed Steels, Brass,
Copper, Pure Nickel & Nickel Alloys, Pure Titanium & Titanium Alloys, Industrial Engineering Plastics

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Strips Cut From Coils
Sheets and Plates
Pieces Cut from Sheets & Plates
Flat Rectangular Bars
Flat Square Solid Bars
Round Solid Bars type 10332
Hexagon Solid Bars ( Rods )
Angle Bars, L Profiles, EN10025
Round Pipes, Tubes, Type Steel 10570
Hollow Bars of steel type S235JR
T Shape Profile
Elbow type Steel 235jrg2
Neck Flanges

More than 30 Industries Served

From CNC machine shops to aerospace, from architecture to food industry.
Is the industry where you operate, served by Utility Metals ?


Coverage for All the Departments

Sourcing and Purchasing materials can be an extremely time consuming & very high cost process.
Purchasing departments must satisfy a large number of departments such as
Research & Development, Production, Finance | Accounting, Warehouse | Logistics,
Trade (Export) Compliance | Legal, Sales | Marketing, Technical,
Internal Quality Assurance System.
Utility Metals having the right knowledge and experience in the field, 
cooperates closely with the Purchasing Departments
to cover each single need asked by any department.
Get more information on how such requirements are filled.

Business Owner
Business Woman Owner

You are not Alone

Are you a small business owner without a dedicated purchasing department and
at the same time having to compete in a very demanding environment ?
Click on the following link to see that you are not alone, Utility Metals can assist you overcome barriers.

Grouping Products & Shipments

Grouping Materials

Why having different shipments for different materials ?
Utility Metals can group the materials from different sources in one single shipment
decreasing your workload and your shipment cost. Find out if this could apply to your case

Air Transportation
Sea Transportation
Truck Transportation

Delivery by Sea, Air, Road, Courier

4 methods of International Shipping. Which one is right for you ?
Looking for a cheaper solution a sea freight or very fast delivery by airfreight ?
Do you wish goods delivered at your warehouse ?
Depending on your location, urgency of the goods,
their size, quantity and weight, Utility Metals will
assist you in getting the goods fast at fair cost.


No Minimum

No quantity is too small.
You can buy as much as you want, even small quantities from several different materials, combined in a single order.
Utility Metals specializes in small quantities that can be served by existing stock
in the West, Central & North Europe.
You can visit the online shop to order yourself or contact Utility Metals.

Order Status Update

Online Order Tracking

Why keep contacting suppliers to get information about your order ?
All the details and documents of your order are available 24h in your client area or in your own private weblink.

International Standards

The International Standards that you Demand

You want the products to have been produced under specific German, British, U.S. or other standards.
Utility Metals will source the appropriate products for you.


The Origin of your Choice

You can ask products from specific countries / mills.
Utility Metals will source and supply them to you.
Customers with the assistance of Utility Metals have been supplied with products from the following
European Union ( E.U. ), American ( U.S. ) or Japanese owned mills.





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