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The website of Utility Metals has to be re-written and republished. It was made in Adobe Muse, website creation platform but Adobe decided to stop the development of Muse leaving 0.5 million website owners without knowing what to do. For almost a year now, since beginning of 2018, Adobe has not come up with an alternative plan, despite the fact that it had promised for a new and better solution. For this reason Utility Metals will be created with a different software. Utility Metals believes is best to publish new pages, page per page and not to wait a new complete website to be created before its publication, as the website contains many webpages and this would take a long time.

The new website will be even a better one this time.

thank you for your patience

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Stainless Steels
Non Alloyed & Alloyed Steels
Copper & Brass
Nickel and Nickel Alloys
Industrial Plastics


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